Monday, October 17, 2011


....we got all the shipping errors removed and replaced on the website and now we are off to the races:)  We surely do appreciate everyone's patience, but sometimes when a company first starts up, even with the best laid plans, something goes awry and problems occur.  We are told by our IT Department that they have ALL the issues resolved and we are happy about that.

Now, on to the good stuff.......If you have not yet had an opportunity, please visit our website and check out our lovely flowers and the incredible colors, pricing and shipping costs/time to get to you.

And, if you want, please share our info with all your friends and ask them to follow us here on our blog, visit us on the website at the following:  And, we will be adding lots of great videos to our youtube channel and you can subscribe to us there and out YT name is SimplyFlowerz.  

Thanks to everyone who has waited for us, placed an order from us and share in our excitement.  The best IS yet to come, so stay tuned and prepare to be "WOWED."  


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